The tasks of the provincial administration can be classified into two categories

  • Responsible for promotion the prosperity and well-being of its inhabitants.
  • Responsible for the implementation of certain laws and measures issued by the national government: shared administration.

The Provincial administration consists of three elements:

  • The Provincial Council . This is the biggest administrative body. Once every four years the inhabitants of Fryslân elect a new Provincial Council. The councilors thus elected represent the interests of the Frisian population. The number of Councilors of a province depends on the number of inhabitants. In the case of Fryslân, there are 43 councilors.
  • The Provincial Executive. The members each have their own portfolios, being the specific responsibilities assigned to them. Together, they are responsible for the daily management of the province.

The King's Commissioner 

The King's Commissioner presides over the Meetings of the Provincial Council. This means that in this capacity he is to ensure that the meeting passes off in an orderly manner. During the meeting, he is not allowed to vote on the subject discussed. In addition, the King's Commissioner presides over the meeting of the Executive. In these meetings, though, he is entitled to the vote. He also has another important tasks. Together with the other members of the Executive he represents the interests of the Province Fryslân with the national government in The Hague and the European authorities in Brussels. Frequently he pays working visits to the Frisian municipalities. If necessary, he mediates in administrative conflicts. He also advices the Minister of the Interior for appointment of mayors for the Frisian Municipalities. In the event of calamities, he has coordinating powers in the fields of public order en security.

Fryslân in figures

Fryslân in figures presents an overview of a wide range of socioeconomic and demographic trends at a provincial level. This document provides a rapid and comprehensive insight into the current situation and developments in the province of Fryslân. The figures are based on the most recent data for 2014. The year of publication is 2015.

When quoting information from Fryslân in figures you are required to cite the source

  • Provincie Fryslân
  • Postbus 20120
  • 8900 HM Leeuwarden
  • The Netherlands

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